Full Stack Mobile Engineer

Over 20 years of experience


Multi-language full-stack engineer with over 20 years of experience in the industry. I have experience with mobile, backend and scaling large systems to handle billions of interactions a day.

My recent work has been architecting and leading a complete rewrite of the Included Health iOS app, as well as writing backend code for a Machine Learning startup which analyzed time series data and surfaced unknown-knowns.


What I’ve done through the years

Back End

  • Outlier SQL dialect translation service
  • Outlier data ingestion service for customer trials
  • Flurry Install-Notify API capturing installs from publishers
  • Flurry GetRecommendations API providing unstructured ads to publishers


  • Flurry Analytics SDK
    • Handling over 5 billions sessions a day
  • Flurry Ads SDK
  • Yahoo Feature flagging SDK
  • Tumblr cross-posting SDK
  • Included Health full rewrite in SwiftUI
  • App Store consultation
  • Performance testing and correction

System Reliability

  • Configure and maintain many SQL and noSQL servers/containers
  • Creating and standing up Docker containers
  • On-call response ensuring max system uptime